Orphan Audit Completed
posted 07/04/2022 11:30:11 by phoenixx

I noticed a lot of orphans this month on the pool.

Although I am unsure the cause, I have manually Audited potential losses and crediited all the miners active or with unclaimed payouts due to orphans rounding up to the nearest unit.

Many of you (19 in fact) should see small or modest payments coming in on your payout addresses today.

If the orphans keep occuring, I would suggest miners move over to the official marscoin pool at https://pool.marscoin.org/

The Other Marscoin Pool.

Confirmation functionality restored.
posted 12/07/2021 13:15:52 by phoenixx

Hi,  the issue with confirmations not showing since the blockchain issue a few months back should now be resolved.

Issues with pool at the moment.
posted 11/10/2021 11:53:41 by phoenixx

Please note due to some email configuration issues our outgoing mail may not be working for activation emails and notifications.

Pool running public
posted 05/21/2021 15:29:18 by phoenixx

The pool is publicly online this weekend for all users as a test run.    If you wish to mine please configure your miners and auto-payout settings.   
That way, if we are forced to move the pool back to private network mode, you should still be able to mine.

Please contact us using the contact form if you wish to continue having access to the worker stats page in the event we need to set the pool back to private again.

Silent Running....
posted 02/20/2021 21:22:35 by phoenixx

You may not be able to see the pool.  But you may be able to mine if you connect a previously used miner.

If you can see this message welcome to the Mars Underground.

Remember the first rule of fight club...

New record. 26 Million KH on the network
posted 01/25/2021 11:01:14 by phoenixx

New all time high on Marscoin at the moment.
Network speed: 26 Million KH.       Our Pool Speed 5 Million KH  Previous record: 0.7 Million KH

Viva la Mars revolution.

Now under testing
posted 01/02/2021 19:51:29 by phoenixx

ok, looks good so far, running my old Mines of Mars miner as a test.    Watch this space.